Talk from Stop the Traffik

When: Thursday, 7 November 2019 from 18:30-19:30

Where: The McLellan Hall, The Lymington Centre - The Community Centre

Stop the Traffik is a pioneer in human trafficking prevention.

We very much hope that you will be able to join us on Nov 7th in the McLellan Hall at the Lymington Centre, for a Talk by Helen Pain, Coordinator of the Southampton & Test Valley STOP THE TRAFFIK Group: ‘Modern Slavery – Hidden yet on our doorstep.’

*Please note that the revised start time for the talk is 6.30 pm, with refreshments at 7.30 pm.

‘STOP THE TRAFFIK is a pioneer in human trafficking prevention. It was founded in 2006 as a campaign coalition to bring an end to human trafficking worldwide. From 2008 we have been creating a world where people aren’t bought and sold. Through radical information sharing and collaboration, STOP THE TRAFFIK aims to build a global picture of human trafficking hotspots and trends, to empower individuals, organisations and agencies to make more informed and better choices, to signpost them to safe places to get help and support and to encourage appropriate response and reporting. Some of the most commonly reported forms of human trafficking and modern slavery are sexual and labour exploitation, domestic servitude, forced marriage and forced criminality, child soldiers and organ harvesting.

As important as it is to rescue victims and prosecute traffickers, we will never put an end to human trafficking if that’s all we do. We need to prevent.’ www.stop the



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