January 2013 meeting - focus on Equatorial Guinea

Information stall with an Amnesty group member
A Minehead Group information stall at a local community event

At our group meeting on Tuesday 22 January 2013, we were pleased to welcome Walther Scwarzacher, the AIUK voluntary country coordinator for Equatorial Guinea (EG) and other Spanish/Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa. Walther was able to give us the latest information on developments in EG and reminded us of the terrible human rights abuses that take place in this small country. The corrupt government ensures that most of the population live in abject poverty, despite the country's oil riches. The government has also created a climate of fear, making it difficult for journalists to report on what is really going on in the country and resulting in many opponents and critics of the government being imprisoned.

Walther encouraged us to keep on with our campaigning work in EG as Amnesty is one of the few organisations that takes any interest in this small country. We have recently taken on a new case file, for EG lawyer Ponciano Mbomio Nvo. You can find more information about this case in our January 2013 newsletter (see separate item).

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