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Arms Trade Treaty Workshop - 6th June 2012, 7pm to 9pm


We are very pleased to tell everyone that our next AI Milton Keynes Group meeting will be a workshop on the crucial issue of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) which will be negotiated at the UN in July.  The venue, aptly given their historic commitment to peace and non-violence, is at the Quaker Centre in Downhead Park in Milton Keynes.  Full details of the venue are at  The workshop will be lead by Adrian  Henderson from the AI UK ATT Activism Team.

The ATT conference needs to deliver a robust, straightforward, auditable treaty with clear and transparent mechanisms for compliance checking and reporting.  It should cover every kind of weapon from jet planes sold to states with a poor human rights record down to the small arms that cause tragedy on the streets of small communities the world over.  It needs to cover spare parts, munitions, technical expertise, and re-sale.  The arms trade is notoriously corrupt and the treaty must have adequate means to tackle that as well.

The arms trade is a human rights issue.  Millions are spent on arms rather than being channeled into sustainable community development in poor states to allow people the dignity to provide for themselves.

The treaty has cross-party support in the UK, despite David Cameron leading a trade mission to the middle-east in February 2011 with UK arms manufacturing companies to sell arms to middle-eastern states.  A joint report authored by Amnesty International and Oxfam amongst others, says that the UK has been instrumental in keeping this issue alive in the context of a human rights and development centered foreign policy  by the British Government.  But the UK needs to demonstrate its further commitment to a treaty and stop states such as Russia, Iran, Syria and the US from watering down a treaty to the point of ineffectiveness.

So, do please come along to learn about the treaty and help make it a lasting instrument securing better human rights for ordinary people the world over.

The report we mention above is available to download at the link below.




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Thanks everyone, especially Adrian, for a really interesting session. Just to let you know, we've now sent a letter to Mark Lancaster MP from the group as we discussed at the meeting. Clare

Clare Mumford 8 years ago