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Two million and counting – tell David Cameron to do more for Syria’s refugees







On a recent visit to Za’atri camp, our researchers met with families doing the best they can to make some kind of home for themselves. However, food, medicine and sanitation are all in short supply.

One family we spoke to were struggling to care for their eight year old son, who was shot by a sniper in Syria and has partially lost his sight. The camp hospital does not have the medicine the family need, and the family cannot afford to buy it. The boy’s mother is pregnant, but has had no pre-natal care.

Another woman told how the family made a toilet in their shelter because they feared for the safety of the three daughters, all in their twenties, if they went out alone.

Call on our Government to do more to help Syria's refugees

Others we met in the camp showed us broken, battered shoes and sandals in which they made the arduous journey from Syria to Jordan.  Many had brought little more with them than what they could carry - and their memories of oppression and conflict.

They arrested me because I wanted freedom’, a man called Ahmed told us, as his son flicked through mobile phone footage of security forces beating and stamping on handcuffed men.

Ahmed has a heart condition which was worsened by nearly two years in detention, during which he says he was tortured. When asked him for more details about what happened to him, his eyes glazed over and his head sank forwards. Our researcher didn’t ask any more.


Call on our Government to support Syrians forced to flee


In flight from torture and detention, snipers and shelling, an average of 5,000 Syrian refugees have been arriving into neighbouring countries including Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey every day. These places alone cannot cope with the influx of men, women and children and the strain has led to measures to restrict entry across their borders.


It’s up to countries like the UK to step up, share responsibility and give more support.


As well as providing humanitarian aid to host countries, please call on the UK Government to offer a home to some of the most vulnerable people fleeing Syria. Those like Ahmed, who have been tortured; and women and children who lack protection.


Call on David Cameron to offer refuge to Syria’s most vulnerable refugees


With a key global meeting on the Syrian humanitarian crisis taking place next week, please act today to ensure the UK does all it can to protect the refugees of Za’atri camp and beyond.


Thank you,



Jan Shaw
Refugee Programme Director


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