Greeting Cards Campaign 1st December

On Saturday the 1st December the Mid-Warwickshire group will be taking the Greeting Card Campaign to the streets of Kenilworth and Leamington. Volunteers are need to help support this important event. We need people for an  hour or more to help on our stands.

The goal -  We'd like the public to take a few minutes to write a message to an individual suffering human rights abuses or fighting for justice. A simple card or letter can mean the world to a young woman in Afghanistan risking violence to ask for equality, to the family of a Syrian activist fretting for the life of their missing son, detained and tortured for speaking out. Or to an American woman sentenced at 15 to spend her entire life in a prison cell.

If you are able to make a difference for an hour or more contact Helen Lord for Leamington ( or Roger Frost for Kenilworth (


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