About this group

Welcome to the Malvern Hills Group of Amnesty International

We are one of almost 300 local groups that operate in the UK and contribute to Amnesty International's work to defend human rights around the world.

Our aims are to raise awareness in the Malvern Hills area about human rights, and to raise money for Amnesty’s campaigns. We do this by organising events, direct fundraising and letter-writing to and on behalf of prisoners of conscience and others whose cases have been highlighted by Amnesty International. 

The Malvern Hills Group hold a monthly meeting to discuss campaigns, events and fundraising. You are more than welcome to attend, without obligation - we are a lively, friendly group, and coffee/tea and biscuits are provided. We meet at 7.30pm on the third Thursday of every month in the lounge of Malvern Baptist Church, Abbey Road, Malvern WR14 3HG (August usually excepted).

We hold an AGM every April. We do not have a formal constitution - we just work to the principles of Amnesty International. We have a mailing list of around 250 Amnesty members and supporters, and you can become involved as much or as little as you wish. If you are not a 'meetings person', you can support us by taking part in occasional events.