Meeting Minutes March 2015

These are the minutes for the Amnesty London Region Meeting from Wednesday 4 March 2014 at 7:30pm in the Human Rights Action Centre, 17-22 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EA.

Chair: Roger (London Region Rep; Mayfair & Soho)

Minutes: Alexi (Kingston; Richmond & Twickenham)


Farshid (AIUK)

Simon (Blackheath & Greenwich)

Arlene, Paul (Enfield & Barnet)

Deepa (Hampstead & Belsize)

Paul (Hornsey & Wood Green)

Andrea, Mario, Keith, Petros (Islington & Hackney)

Ros (Lambeth)

Harriet, Paul (LDN)

John (Wandsworth)

Apologies: Kathryn, Anastasia, Zora


Roger is resigning due to health problems. Ros volunteered to become acting rep.

Farshid: Thanks Roger for all your help over last two years.

Alexi has volunteered to be election manager again and will send an email shortly. Process takes about six weeks.

Kate Allen interested in visiting local groups. Please let Farshid know about your groups’ planned events and suggest any specific issues that you would like her to talk about.

Kathryn has tried booking Parliament Square for Saturday 11thJuly. If we get it, we’ll go ahead with an action

Alexi will liaise with Kathryn in planning an event cc’ing Ros, Petros, Roger

Group activities: past events

  • Hampstead & Belsize: China Country Coordinator Andy Moody talked about Falun Gong.
  • Blackheath & Greenwich: Ongoing drop-ins at Greenwich Picturehouse.
  • Wandsworth: Talk from Iraq Country Coordinator Isabelle Skrine.
  • LDN Graduate Network: AIUK Trade Union Campaigns Manager Shane Enright talked about workers rights. “Pride” film screening. London student conference did not happen at LSE, but took place at Imperial instead.
  • Mayfair & Soho: Meeting on campaigning during the General Election.
  • Kingston: Country Coordinator for Bangladesh and Sri Lanka Jerry Allen talked about human rights abuses in both countries in February.
  • Richmond & Twickenham: January screening of “Unmanned: America’s Drone Wars” following talk by US Country Coordinator Michael Fisher in November last year.

Group activities: future events

  • Hampstead & Belsize: “Where should birds fly” screening 15th April. See more here.
  • Islington & Hackney:” Beneath the blindfold” screening at HRAC with guest speakers including Malcolm Evans. See more here.
  • Enfield  & Barnet: Planning to visit local hustings in preparation for General Election.
  • Hornsey & Wood Green: Sponsored walk planned for 23rd May.
  • Blackheath & Greenwich: Afrial refugee charity speaking 10th March 7:30. See more here.
  • Wandsworth: Still looking for a meeting venue.
  • LDN: meeting 16th March 7pm, Dani Becket, Student Action Network talking about how to stay active; Mexican disappeared students. Panel in May on workers rights. See more here.
  • Kingston: Country Coordinator talks and screenings from Andy Moody on “Free China” in March and Kenny Latunde-Dada on “The Other Interview” about North Korea in April. See more here.
  • Richmond & Twickenham: Election hustings event at Teddington Baptist Church on Tuesday 14th April in collaboration with local United Nations Association and Twickenham, Richmond and Kingston Network on the Arms Trade (TRAKNAT).

Pride London: Saturday 27th June, please turn up around 1pm. Planning meeting on Saturday 14th March, email to register. Local group members are welcome to join from 2pm to 4pm, as morning session is for internal organisation of LGBTI network. Please visit their Facebook and Twitter.

Election hustings: To comply with last year’s Lobbying Act, AIUK advocacy team need to know your costs, keep receipts for items of more than £200. Posters may need an imprint. See more here.

FacebookAmnesty UK – London group is getting spammed and needs cleansing. Alexi contacted current admins to gain admin status. There is also a deactivated Amnesty London Facebook page, which could be revived in place of the group. We will discuss the new strategy at the next meeting.

London conference: Saturday 3rd October, HRAC is booked. Theme is LGBTI rights. Next subgroup committee planning meeting will be decided by Doodle poll – please add your name if you want to join. Wandsworth’s embassy crawl planned for Saturday in late September. Street Collection on Saturday 10th October.

AOB: Deepa is the Country Coordinator for the Balkans region. Please contact her for speaking opportunities

Next meeting: Wednesday 6th May


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