Meeting Minutes July 2014

These are the minutes for the Amnesty London Region Meeting from 2 July 2014 at 7:30pm in the Human Rights Action Centre, 17-22 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EA.

Chair: Roger Bruneau (London Regional Rep; Mayfair & Soho)

Minutes: Alexis Hatto (Kingston; Richmond and Twickenham)


Ros Davidson – Lambeth

Jeni Dixon – Southwark

Paul Duployen – Hornsey and Wood Green

Rachel Errington – Blackheath and Greenwich

Kathryn Grant – Islington and Hackney

Martin Lunnon – Islington and Hackney

Anastasia Kyriak – Westminster and Bayswater

Keith Meredith – Islington and Hackney

1. Apologies: Various

2. Stop Torture Skill Share

The Stop Torture Skill Share at HRAC on Saturday 4th October 2014 has been discussed at previous London Region meetings as well as other meetings specially dedicated to it. Although it is largely organised by AIUK’s Farshid Talaghani, we have a few recommendations subject to change and outlined below:

– the event should be roughly an hour longer to give more time for our guest speakers, and for lunch, during which we will also organise an action.

– registration should be open earlier from 9:30, to start at 11:00 with a short film, followed by a panel discussion with guest speakers including Malcolm Evans, Ralph Crawshaw, and others to be confirmed. Kathryn will ask Freedom from Torture to recommend a psychologist with relevant expertise.

– there will be four workshops on creative campaigning, theatre, fundraising and lobbying, with a “show and tell” to give feedback to all attendees.

– evaluation of the event will be both verbal and written.

– volunteers will wear Stop Torture t-shirts

– the event is currently open only to one member per group from across the UK, but this will presumably depend on interest and availability.

– we would be grateful if local group members with the space could host those who have to travel from far outside London; please contact the network coordinator [Jeni] if you are interested.

2. Groups activities                

Previous group events and activities

Now in its 40th year, the Blackheath and Greenwich book sale took place on 21st June at the Church of the Ascension in Blackheath, where it was visited by AIUK vice chair Hannah Perry, local MP Heidi Alexander and an Amnesty film crew. The event made a “disappointing” £8,125 (considering they have made twice that in previous years), so make sure you visit their next one on 22nd November!

Hillingdon organised a sponsored walk attended by former pupils of George Orwell, raising over £300. Hornsey and Wood Green also held a walk that made £770. Mayfair and Soho have also organised walks and have at least six more to come!

Westminster and Bayswater hosted an AmnesTea party that generated over £400. They also launched a new Twitter account @AmnestyWB.

Lambeth attended the Celebrating Sanctuary Festival on 15th June, while Southwark heard from Georgia Booth

Following the success of their amendment at the AIUK AGM in Edinburgh, Kingston have been gathering signatures for their Justice for Sri Lanka campaign with help from the Tamil Information Centre. They also heard from Country Coordinator for the Central Asian post-Soviet states Gitti Dunham, who detailed the history of Amnesty’s campaigns against torture.

Richmond and Twickenham held their own AGM after hearing from group member Sarah Wills, who updated them on the events in Edinburgh.

Upcoming group events and activities

Hornsey and Wood Green have a summer party in Christchurch Road on 26th July from 8pm, with music and comedy from Shazia Mirza.

The Amnesty comedy night Stand Up Burma will be on 4th November.

The second 2014 Blackheath and Greenwich book sale will be on 22nd November.

3. Pride London

The Amnesty float at Pride London on Saturday 28th June was a great success, despite monsoon conditions. We would like to thank everyone who helped out, especially Jeni and Paul for organising, and Simon for doing a brilliant job on social media.

Lessons for next time include more stickers, more support for wheel stewards and general crowd control, and start organising earlier.

4. AOB

Westminster and Bayswater are joining Mayfair and Soho in staging Ice and Fire’s ‘Even if we lose our lives’ play. They will be collaborating with some students from Goldsmiths College, who have already performed the play.

The summer picnic/pub meet up will go ahead on 10th August, unless City and Tower Hamlets’ World Music is still happening.

Future meeting dates

Wednesday 3rd September 2014

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