Wandsworth Amnesty Film - LACOMBE LUCIEN

MONDAY 2th FEB • 19:00
The Exhibit • Balham

(12 Balham Station Rd, SW12 9SG)

Tickets £5

Tudor Wright will give a brief introduction to the fi lm sketching in the historical background and its importance in French cinema. Contact Wandsorth Amnesty group for more info: wandsworthai@yahoo.co.uk  www.amnesty.org.uk/wandsworth


Dir. Louis Malle, 1974

(ENG subtitles • 137 minutes)

In the summer of 1944, small-town

teenager Lucien tries opportunistically

to join the French resistance but is

rejected for his lack of political conviction.

Angry and with his pride dented, he joins

instead the German occupiers and their

French collaborators and soon becomes a

thuggish enforcer helping with the round

up of Jews to be deported to their deaths.

But he then becomes involved with the

daughter of a wealthy Jewish tailor…

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