An active and rewarding year for Horsham group

The group’s AGM was very well attended.  We looked back at our activities during 2014 which included fundraising (AmnesTea and Boot Sale), our most successful street collection (more than £700), talks from North Africa Country Coordinators and actions for the Stop Torture Campaign.  Several group members attended the SE Region conference, the National conference and AGM, the Guantanamo demonstration in Trafalgar Square, the Stop Torture launch demo and the Embassy crawl.  The highlight of the year was the presentation of “Even If we Lose Our Lives” at the Hawth Theatre in Crawley which was attended by the Mayor and Mayoress of Crawley and MP Henry Smith.

Planning has now begun building on the achievements of last year and continuing to stand up for human rights and freedom.
Read about our year in the document below.

2014 - our year
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