Stop the killing of Papuans

“Civilians have been shot and killed without reason. These actions show that security personnel have treated residents not as citizens but as enemies who must be eliminated,”
Rev. Neles Tebay, Papuan leader

Five Papuan teenagers have been shot dead by the security forces during a protest.

For decades West Papua’s tribal people have been killed, raped, arrested and tortured by Indonesian soldiers and police. The government in Jakarta has done nothing to stop them. There are 65 West Papuan political prisoners behind bars, many are incarcerated merely for raising the West Papuan flag or for peacefully calling for independence. These ‘offences’ can result in 15 years in prison.

Indonesia’s new President has promised to enter into dialogue with the Papuan people and to move away from a military solution to the region’s problems. His response to the teenager’s deaths will be a test of this resolve.

Write urgently to:

H. E. Joko Widodo, Istana Merdeka, Jakarta Pusat, 10110, Indonesia.

Dear President,

I am extremely alarmed at the high number of killings, torture, rapes and arbitrary arrests that the Papuan people suffer at the hands of the Indonesian soldiers and police and by the recent shooting dead of five Papuan teenagers.

I urge you to demilitarize the region; end the impunity for soldiers who kill and torture Papuans and ensure that those responsible for these gross human rights violations be brought to justice.

There are 65 Papuan political prisoners behind bars. I urge your administration to release all West Papua’s political prisoners unconditionally and to end the prosecution and persecution of those peacefully expressing their political views.

Finally, I call on you to enter into direct, internationally-mediated dialogue with Papuan leaders.


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