November Meeting Notes

Our November meeting covered several continents.


Nigel reported that he had received a letter in English from Russia. It was

suggesting that he should stop writing, so he will of course continue



Sue brought an urgent letter pleading for Asia Bibi, the Christian Lady in

Pakistan who is under threat of death for alleged blasphemy. Although

released from prison she is being held in prison for her own safety.

Penny brought news of changes to the campaigns in South America. We will

continue campaigning for the San Jose Peace Community in Colombia and we

will join the campaign for Geraldine Chacon from Venezuela. She is 24 years

old and is a human rights defender. She has recently been in prison for 4

months, and although she is released the case is still open so she can be

rearrested at any time.


Our next meeting is at 4.30 on Wed. 12th December, we meet at “the Doctors”

on Eastgate Street, Gloucester. It will focus on the “Write for rights” Campaign

which runs over December. We will write cards and send messages of support

to 12 different people. Please bring some “not quite Christmas cards” to write

and send.

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