A report on the 2014 AGM, election of officers, sharing of responsibities

Here is a report by of this year's AGM by Pauline Lalor, Chair of our Farnham Local Group of Amnesty International (UK). It took place on May 12th.

Pauline writes:

A huge thank you to the 12 members who attended the meeting and AGM on 12th May and contributed to such a lively and enjoyable evening.

A reminder was given about The Polite Protest  on Sunday May 18th, which Clive organises annually outside the Vietnamese Embassy, in support of our POCs.  It proved to be an excellent event as usual and the few of us who attended were joined by an enormous number of enthusiastic Vietnamese.

The election of Officers was conducted with voting in an official manner but after that the proceedings were slightly less orthodox, taking on the flavour  of a Group discussion.

Sadly Frances feels she needs to resign from her official title of Secretary and she will be sadly missed. We are extremely grateful for all her hard work and she will continue in a supporting role as usual.

 Pauline was unanimously voted as Chair and Secretary.

Rowena, in her absence but with her consent, was voted once again as Treasurer.

All were concerned about Pauline taking on too much so everyone volunteered to share responsibilities. There was a united feeling of the whole group being proactive and  pulling together.

These were the areas of responsibility identified:

POC case worker - Clive (Vietnam) and Tim (Burma)

Campaigns and Women's Rights- Caroline

Educational Outreach ( Cubs and Scouts) -Helen

Publicity- Graham and Sue

Web site- Rob

Archivist - Frances and William

Artistic advisors- Graham, David and Suzanne

Refreshments - David and Brian

Venue booking - Frances

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