About this group

Welcome to the Farnham Group of Amnesty International. We are one of almost 300 local groups that operate in the UK and contribute to Amnesty International's work to defend human rights around the world.

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The Farnham Group was established in 1963, only 2 years after the foundation of Amnesty International. Today, the Group has around 30 members in and around Farnham and holds regular meetings, letter writing sessions, and other social and campaigning events.

As a group we:

  • Hold Monthly Meetings, to plan events, fundraising and campaigns
  • Write letters to governments pressing for fair trials and the release of prisoners of conscience
  • Adopt particular Prisoners of Conscience (PoCs), to campaign for their release from confinement and, if successful, their and their family's continued well-being and freedom. Currently, our focus is on PoCs in Vietnam
  • Select other Amnesty campaigns to support as a group
  • Invite Speakers to talk about a topical subject relating to human rights situations around the world several times a year
  • Raise awareness through events and Street Stalls to mark particular dates and raise awareness
  • Raise Funds for Amnesty’s work and campaigning
  • Stage an annual “Candles of Hope” event in December, a secular midwinter celebration of words and music to highlight the guiding impersative of Amnesty's founders in 1961: "It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness".
  • Write Greetings Cards to prisoners of conscience throughout the world as part of Amnesty’s annual campaign

For more information email us at farnham.amnesty@gmail.com

or follow us on Twitter: @FarnhamAmnesty