CAMBODIA    Forced evictions 2/7/2012

After 1 month and 3 days behind bars, the eviction protestors of BOEUNG KAK LAKE have been released on appeal. The 13 women, arrested in late May and given a clearly unfair trial lasting 3 hours, have had their sentences reduced to the amount of time already served.

The sister of one woman, part of the community members in solidarity with the 13, was kicked in the stomach by a police officer and miscarried as a result.

AI is still calling for their convictions to be set aside.

AUSTRALIA   March 2012

AI has welcomed the joint renewed commitment between the Federal and Northern Territory Governments to invest 221 million Australian dollars over 10 years for the provision of basic essential and municipal services to remote outstations.

This indicates that both levels of government have listened to the concerns of Aboriginal Peoples living on homelands.

AI asks for this to become a genuine partnership with communities living on their ancestral lands. 20 years of research confirms that in this way they are able to maintain their cultural identity, are healthier and live longer.

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