September Meeting Summary

Our guest speaker, Hannah Clayton from AI gave a training session regarding the AI Campaign for Afghan Women. She outlined ideas on how to present the arguments and issues to audiences. This issue is to be a dominant part of AI's Human Rights Campaining next year in the light of concern that, when the allied forces leave in 2014, women's human rights will be traded away for 'peace at any price'

AI is pushing for the inclusion of more women in the peace process. Post-withdrawl the Conference will be held in London giving us, and other agencies such as Action Aid and United Nations Women's organisation, the opportunity to put pressure on the Afghan Government to enforce the Equality Law passed in 2001. We hope to have an Afghan Speaker, to put pressure on the UK government to contribute to the UN Peace Fund for Women's participation,  continue to write letters to President Kharzai and be involved in the wider AI campaign. 

Friern Barnet Summer Fair Several members helped with the stall. There were fruitful discussions snd petitions were signed.

Barnet and Southgate College Induction Fair There was a local AI presence and considerable interest. A student is going to try to start a student group.

Future Meetings We have asked Lynn from Prisoners of Conscience if she can send us a speaker for 0ctober 18th. Arlene will ask her and send details for Francoise to co-ordinate. Annette's mum has kindly agreed to talk to us at a future date about her involvement with prisoners.

Street Collection on Saturday 13th October There is a free training session on 11th October about how to approach the public confidentally and effectively.

Please contact Francoise if you are able to help with the street collection

Next Meeting Thursday 18th October 2012 at South gate College

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