May meeting Summary

Hannah Clayton a trainer from AIUK on the Control Arms Campaign, gave us an overview of the reasons for and a history of the campaign. The key messages are how positive outcomes of treaty negotiations would save lives, would help to obliterate the horror of child soldiers and to encourage the UK government to take real leadership in this matter.

 The AI actions proposed to bring this about are:-

  1. Writing to party leaders
  2. Emailing and writing to local MPs
  3.  Petitioning David Cameron
  4.  Leaving a message on the website (
  5. Drawing attention to how innocent individuals are so often killed by the authorities

 Our group Actions

Arlene to draft a letter to David Burrowes (MP Enfield Southgate)

Sasha from Oxfam, who hopes to liaise with our group in the Control Arms Campaign, to do the same to Teresa Villiers together with any other Chipping Barnet members

  • To raise awareness at the Triangle (Palmers Green) 29th June 10.30 onwards
  • The group has a stall booked in the East Barnet Festival 7th and 8th July 2012 12 noon to 7.00pm: 
  • Our main theme will be the Control Arms Campaign


 London Wide Control Arms Event A reminder that this big demonstration is on Saturday 16th June. 

Burma Campaign:  Although amazing reforms have taken place, Aung San Suu Kyi and other campaigners have circulated warnings about too early reduction of the pressure against the military regime.

Date of Next Meeting:  Thursday 21st June 2012

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