Make a bullet-proof vest for Amnesty!

Example of an Amnesty 'bullet-proof' vest

This Saturday 28th April, 10.00-16.00, there will be a London-wide gathering of groups at the HRAC to prepare for our Spring Arms Trade Treaty campaigning. This we will do in four different ways:

ATT workshop. Starting at 10am and lasting for about an hour, there will be a workshop on the Arms Trade Treaty campaign run by Hannah Clayton from Amnesty. The workshop will focus on lobbying methods and the importance of a strong treaty, so it's a great place to begin! 

Bullet-proof-vest-making. For most of the day's work we will focus on making the "Bullet-proof-vests" that we will use as creative props while lobbying MPs and in the street action we are planning for June (Two pilot examples attached, to get an idea). There will be all sorts of material available for people to use, but you are also welcome to bring along shirts, vests, paint, crayons etc -we don't aim for a uniform look but for a wide array of different looks and feels, all focusing on one single message: "David Cameron Give Us A Bullet Proof Arms Trade Treaty".

Having fun. Although we are obviously aiming for concrete results, this is not a strictly scheduled day, more of a London-wide groups preparing session. People are welcome (indeed, encouraged!) to walk in and out, to stop for a coffee or a snack, to chat and network, exchange ideas, see what other groups are up to and even maybe organize some working together.

Filming/Photographing. While all of the above is happening, Jonathan Dickinson (a director working with us) will film and take interviews and the Photographers group will take pictures of all that is going on. The aim is to have some nice audiovisual material to use while contacting MPs and the media in the following weeks until June, when the campaign will reach critical point.

When: Saturday 28th April 10.00-16.00

Where: HRAC, 17-25 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EA

Contact: Petros Hassanakos (

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