Round up of 2012

A quick list of the actions and events we held this year...

To start the round-up the demand dignity group: A mother's day stall, campaigning for maternal health in developing countries. Lyndsey McLellan gave a talk on the arms trade treaty at the main meeting in the summer. We held an Arms Trade Treaty panel discussion with journalists, politicians, academics and campaigners. A pub quiz and a cafe quiz. Since September we have focused on Scottish Gypsy travellers and created a postcard petition supporting them in Scotland, which will be sent this week. This campaign included a film at the main meeting and a stall on Princes Street.

The other subgroups held: A talk by Louisa Var [sp?] at the council offices. The monthly letter writing events were held at Joseph Pearce's. A death-penalty group was set up to focus on such urgent actions.

The main event of the year was the human rights festival, where dozens of speakers, stalls, films and workshops were held. A great success. It included presentations and stalls from the Refugee Survival Trust, Scottish Pen, and Freedom from Torture, and there were 200 attendees.


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