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Monthly Group Meeting

Our Monthly Group meeting will be Wednesday 10 April at 7.30pm at the Lamb Inn, St John's Street, Devizes.

The group will be welcoming someone who will be giving a presentation on conditions in the West Bank.  Following the presentation there will be a discussion on the issues raised.
Last February the presenter joined an olive planting programme organised by the Joint Advocacy Initiative of the East Jerusalem YMCA and the YWCA of Palestine. The programme is called "Keep Hope Alive" (see link). Last year the participants numbered 50 individuals from various countries and backgrounds. Although the programme is organised by the YMCA/YWCA, it is for individuals of all faiths and none, who wish to support Palestinian olive farmers who regularly face appropriation of their land, harrassment by security forces and destruction of their crops by settlers. Travelling around the southern and central West Bank enabled the presenter and her colleagues to witness the effects of the "Seperation Wall", by-pass roads for Israeli use only, and the consequences of Israeli control of water supplies.

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