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Letter writing changes lives

Letter writing changes lives and a letter from you could help free a prisoner, stop an execution or help a bereaved family recieve justice.

Letter writing was part of the foundation of Amnesty and time and again those at risk have reported how much letters of support and to officials have made a difference to their lives. See the attached document for details of letters that can support indivuiduals at risk.

  • Call on the US authorities to stop interfering with Edward Snowden's ability to travel; to drop all charges related to public interest disclosures and - should he eventually face trail - ensure it is a fair trial.
  • Call on the Iranian authorities to give Atena Farghadani urgent medical care and ask that she is immediately and unconditionally released because she was imprisoned solely for exercising her rights to freedom of expression and association. Call for visits from her family and lawyer to be allowed and for protection from torture and other ill-treatment.
  • Tell the President of Eritrea that Aster Fissehastion is not forgotten and call on him to release Aster and all other prisoners of conscience, reveal the whereabouts and fate of all prisoners, and allow them access to their families and lawyers.
  • Call on the Russian authorities to immediately and unconditionally release Yevgeniy Vitishko as he is a prisoner of conscience. Call on them to ensure he has access to any medical attention he needs.
  • Press the Egyptian authorities to immediately and unconditionally release the Mansoura women.
  • Express concern that the Syrian public prosecutor continues to deny that Khalil Ma’touq is being held by the state. Ask for his immediate and unconditional release, protection from torture and ill-treatment, and access to medical care and his lawyer.
  • Urge the Turkish Minister of Justice to ensure that the suspected perpetrator of Ahmet Yıldız’s murder is brought to justice in a fair trial. Call for an independent, thorough and impartial investigation into the failure of the Turkish authorities to protect Ahmet when he was receiving threats just months before his murder.
  • Urge local Chinese prison authorities to allow Liu Ping the necessary medical treatment she requires. Call on them to allow regular visits from family and lawyers.
  • Urge the General Prosecutor to open an impartial, independent and thorough investigation into allegations of Ihar Tsikhanyuk’s ill-treatment. Demand that those responsible are subjected to disciplinary and criminal proceedings.
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