Justice for Hakamada Iwao

In March this year, Hakamada Iwao turned 76. He has spent over four decades in detention awaiting execution for a crime he claims he did not commit. Hakamada is the Individual at risk allocated to Devizes Group.

Update 17 April 2012: DNA results

According to Hakamada’s lawyers the results of forensic tests disclosed on 13 April showed no match between Hakamada’s DNA and samples taken from clothing he is alleged by the prosecution to have worn at the time of the crime. An expert for the prosecution told the media that they have been unable to determine a match so far. Hakamada’s lawyers believe these results cast doubt on Hakamada’s original conviction as they undermine crucial evidence linking him to the murders. The District Court continue to consider the appeal and we will keep you updated when we know more.

Please keep writing to Japan's Justice Minister and keep the pressure on for him to grant justice to Hakamada.

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