Hakamada Iwao news

AI Japan have given Amnesty Devizes Group an update on the situation for Hakamada Iwao.

Hakamada Iwao was released one year ago from the Tokyo Detention Center after 48 years of detention.  There have been, so called “Tripartite Discussions” among the Tokyo High Court, the defendants and the Tokyo High Prosecutors.  AI Japan tells us that they hope that the Court will reject the appeal made by the Prosecutor when Shizuoka Local Court decided there should be a retrial. AI Japan are going to have an anniversary event along with other support groups and the Japan Bar Association on March 27th, hoping that it will put some pressure on the Court and Prosecutors. Amnesty Devizes will be looking to show our support on this day.

Hideki Wakabayashi from AI Japan has told Mike McClelland that Hakamada is getting better in terms of physical condition, but still suffers mental health issues. He remains in his world in his daily life, which makes communication with other people very difficult. He thinks the legal battle against the Prosecutors is over, and that is why he has not attended meetings and events for supporting the retrial of this case in the last two months or so. He will turn 79 years old on 10 March and Amnesty Devizes will send our greetings to Hakamada via AI Japan.

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