Group Meeting - May

Our next Group meeting will be held at The Lamb Inn, St. John's Street, Devizes on Wednesday 13th May at 7.30 pm and all are welcome. A variety of topics and actions will be discussed along with feedback on the recent AGM.

The monthly mailing from Amnesty on Group actions and campaigns can be found at the link below. Actions focus on the clampdown by the authorities on peaceful dissenting voices across many Gulf countries and the campaign on improving safeguards against torture in Mexico, human rights in Uzbekistan and justice for Shaker Aamer.  A Global Day of Action to mark the UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture is planned for 26 June.

An Urgent Action urging Hungarian authorities to halt eviction of Roma families will be discussed. See link for details.

Feedback on the recent AGM will be provided.  The campaign “My Body My Rights” will be discussed and the AIUK stance on abortion. An opportunity will be provided to review the AI International Secretariat Global Campaign 2016-2018 campaign priorities:

  • Defending the Space for Defenders – seeking an end to the misuse of legislation to restrict, criminalise and silence human rights defenders (HRDs).
  • Protection of Civilians in Conflict – seeking to protect a greater number of people during a conflict.
  • Stop Exploitation of Migrant Workers – Ending the exploitation and forced labour of migrant workers.
  • Take CTRL: Freedom Online for All – A free, open and secure internet for all.

Action on safeguarding the Human Rights Act following the outcome of the Election will target elected MPs.

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