Summary of Derby and District activities in 2011

Here is a brief review of the events and activities that our group has been involved with over the last year:

January 2011

Group meal at Eden Gardens.


No Recourse, No Safety campaign action closed successfully.

Margaret Tomkins recieved card from Aleksandr Rafelsky after greetings card campaign.

David Callow and Katrina North attended East Midlands Regional Conference.


Letters sent to Hakamado Iwao, for the Roma campaign, and for the Troy Davis campaign (part of the Dealth Penalty campaign).

Explanation of the payoffs of Irene Khan and Kate Gilmore provided to group.

Booksale in Guildhall raised approximately £1000.  Thanks to Anne for organising this, and to all who helped make it a success.


Letters sent regarding the Middle East and North Africa campaign to Damien Green (regarding protection of refugees) and the Egyptian Ambassador, and William Hague (regarding the arms trade treaty).


James Lam attended AIUK AGM in Belfast.

Rosemary Read held an AmnesTea party at her house, raising approx. £250.

Cards sent to Zimbabwe regarding Individuals at Risk.

CASA actions emailed.

Katrina gave a talk outlining how the groups she has been involved with in Australia work, and giving suggestions for improvements of the Derby goup.


Talk from Ferid Kevric and three guests from the Roma community at meeting on the Roma community in Britain and Europe, its history and its current state, including persecution from individuals and states in various areas.


Meeting held at the Quad.


Group walk in Markeaton Park area, and visit to Jonty Farmer pub.


Talk from Ray Gumley from Age UK regarding human rights law and the elderly, particularly focussing on LBGT issues.


Human Rights Act Under Threat event at the Multifaith Centre, jointly with Wirksworth group and the Derby Uni Law Dept.

Flag Day collection held 15th October, raising approx. £650 - thanks to all who helped.


Film event from 1st-3rd November at Quad- showing ‘Four Days At Guantanamo’.

Group monthly actions sent to Iran, Chen Guangheng in China, to MPs re enforced removals, to Belarus to end the death penalty, and ‘I am not afraid’ photos to Syria.

CASA action sent.


Group meal held early to wish goodbye to Katrina (Chair), who is returning to Australia in early January.

James Lam stepped up as acting chair until the AGM.

Greetings Card Campaign event held in the Quad- good attendance and more letters/cards than usual written and sent.

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