Support our Prisoner of Conscience

The Cirencester Group campaign on behalf of Johan Teterissa

Johan is serving a 15 year prison sentence for leading a peaceful public demonstration

He was arrested with 21 activists in July 2007 after performing a traditional dance and unfurling the Banang Raja (a symbol of the Maluku independence movement).

He was repeatedly tortured after his arrest and during police interrogation.  The torture has resulted in serious consequences on his health.

Please send a card to show solidarity with Johan:

Address:        Johan Teterissa

                        Lembaga Pemasyarakatan Kelas I Madiun

                        Jl. Yos Sudarsoo No. 100

                        Madiun, 63122



Suggested Message (in English or Bahasa Indonesia)

I know that you have been imprisoned for peaceful activities, and I am campaigning for you to be released.

Saya mengerti bahwa anda ditahan atas aktifitas yang damai oleh karenanya saya sedang mengkampanyekan agar anda dibebaskan.

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