Please join us to Write for Rights

At our November meeting, on Thursday 8th, we will be participating in Amnesty International's "Write for Rights" campaign, writing cards to 12 women who have been attacked or threatened for defending human rights and letters to the authorities concerned. 

Last year 5.5 million letters and cards from 208 countries made a real impact.  So, please come in your numbers and invite friends too, and help to write lots of letters, any one of which could make a significant difference to someone's life.  Cards and suitable paper will be provided.  Bring a pen! 

Christmas is coming and we're selling Amnesty cards to raise money to help support the important work of Amnesty International.  You may already have seen us in Burford on 20th October.  We'll be in Charlbury on 10th November and in Chipping Norton at the Christmas Shopping Day which this year is on a Sunday, 9th December; find us in the Co-op arcade.

Make a note of these dates and do please join us on Thursday at 7:30 p.m. to Write for Rights in Chipping Norton Lower Town Hall. 


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