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Join us to Write for Rights

This month's meeting will be held at 7:30 - 9:00 p.m. in Chipping Norton's Lower Town Hall on Thursday 10th November and will be dedicated to Amnesty's 2016 Write for Rights campaign. 

Join us to write and sign greetings cards to Prisoners of Conscience around the world, and to their families and supporters, to tell them that they are not fogotten and that you support their campaigns for justice. 

Thanks to Priscilla, we have lots of cards ready for signing.  So just bring your pen - and perhaps your glasses!

If you can't make it to this meeting, perhaps you could download the 2016 Campaign Booklet and send your own messages to as many of the cases as possible.

This is our last meeting in 2016. But do look out for our stall at Chipping Norton's Christmas Shopping Evening on Friday 2nd December.  Please visit our stall and sign our petition about the Children of Aleppo.


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