Chippy Amnesty question exposes political differences

The Chipping Norton Group was well represented at the Election Hustings at the Town Hall on Wednesday evening (15th April).  Kate Ward, spoke on behalf of the Chippy Group, and challenged the panel regarding their position on Human Rights at the same time as informing the audience of our concerns, with the following introduction and question:

We wish to focus on an issue which is fundamental to ensuring and maintaining the quality of lives.

We are very concerned by the Conservatives' contradictory manifesto pledges regarding Human Rights. For example, whilst pledging to support Human Rights in Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka, in the UK they propose to deny the Universality of Human Rights - in stead picking and choosing who is entitled to these - and pledge to “scrap” our Human Rights Act (so undermining any moral authority we may have in today's world).

What are your positions on this important issue and, specifically, will you fight to retain our Human Rights Act? ”

This question exposed sharp political differences amongst the 6 panel members.  Unequivocal support for the retention of our Human Rights Act was received from the Labour, Liberal Democrat and National Health Action election candidates.  

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