Jan 21 2015 1:59PM
Monthly meetings suspended
Because of small recent attendances, group meetings are suspended from the start of 2015. We will keep in touch by email, and hope to organise future collecting days.
Nov 20 2014 3:26PM
December monthly meeting, Tues 2nd at 7.30pm
Annual Greetings Card/Letter Writing campaign. Please bring a pen and, if possible, blank greetings (but not Christmas) cards.
Oct 28 2014 7:46PM
November monthly meeting, Tuesday 4th Nov at 7.30pm
We'll be discussing Amnesty's big torture campaign, the situation in Turkey, women's human rights, and recent developments in North Korea.
Oct 17 2014 10:58AM
PACK UP YOUR TROUBLES, tickets £5 from The Chepstow Bookshop
WW1 in Music & Words. Drill Hall, Chepstow, 7.30 Sat Nov. Info from Gerry Rowe 07832218553. Share of proceeds to Amnesty International.
Aug 22 2014 6:06PM
Because 2nd September is so close to Bank Holiday week, the next meeting will be on 7th October
We'll be hearing about the major new Amnesty initiative against torture, join in campaigning actions re Turkey and other current concerns, and discuss our future programme.
Jul 23 2014 9:20PM
Monday 28th July, 7.30pm at the Drill Hall
Anabel Provansal performs "Even if we lose our Lives", an Amnesty script by Christine Bacon based on first-hand accounts from Afghan women, as part of her programme.
Jun 16 2014 7:12PM
July monthly meeting is cancelled
The next meeting will be on Tuesday 2nd September.
May 23 2014 10:12AM
June monthly meeting, 7.30pm Tuesday 3rd June
Planning and evaluation re group's and Amnesty's future
Apr 30 2014 1:50PM
May monthly meeting, 7.30pm Tuesday 6 May
Women's rights in Afghanistan. Current Amnesty campaigns.
Mar 28 2014 2:00PM
April Monthly Meeting, Tues 1 April, 7.30pm
Updates on Jamaica, North Korea and Turkey. Writing letters and sending greetings cards from Amnesty's new list.