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Write for Rights 2014 in Cambridge

It only takes a few minutes to write a card or letter. But this simple act brings hope and comfort to people suffering human rights abuses. Last year’s Write for Rights campaign led to the release of three prisoners featured and many more people at risk of human rights abuses felt safer and more hopeful. Worldwide people from 143 countries took a record-breaking 2.3 million actions.

For the majority of this year's Write for Right cases there are two actions you can take: you can send a solidarity message to the person or family suffering from human rights abuses and you can write an appeal letter targeting the authorities who have the power to remedy these abuses. For some cases tweeting or online action is also possible.  For a full list of cases featured in this year's Write for Right (including on-line petitions) click here or download the pdf booklet here.

The following events are organised in Cambridge:

Thursday 11th December, Write for Rights campaigning meeting with Seasonal Refreshments, Jesus Lane Friends' Meeting House, 7.45pm. More details here (no need to register, but you can if you want to)

Saturday 13th December, Write for Rights campaigning stall, Market Square, 10:30-1pm. More details here (no need to register).

You can also organise your own event and take part in this campaign at your place of worship, at work or just with a group of friends. Please don't hesitate to get in touch (liesbet7200"at" - replace "at" with @) if you would like some help with this in Cambridge or surrounding areas. 
For a powerful video about Write for Rights, and how to organise your own event, click here.
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