Write letters against the death penalty, take action for Mordechai Vanunu & please confirm attendance at the fundraising dinner

This Tuesday 13 May there will be a letter writing meeting at CB2, 7.30pm. Please join the Amnesty Cambridge City Group to write letters with regards to anti-death penalty cases. Writing letters together means not only that you know that together you are having more impact, but also if you have questions there is someone to help you out. (More details here)

On a different human right's subject, it has been 10 years since Mordechai Vanunu was released from prison after serving his full sentence of 18 years (11 in solitary) for revealing that Israel was manufacturing nuclear weapons, which he opposes. Upon release he was immediately placed under draconian restrictions which violate his rights to freedom of expression, assembly and movement. He cannot help but breach the restrictions, each time he speaks to tourists in Jerusalem or participates in online chats. He longs to travel abroad, outside Israel.  

To support his case we will take a photo of ourselves leaving a space for an extra person in our midst with a sign saying "Reserved for Mordechai Vanunu" at this Saturday 17th May market stall, at noon. We will send this to the Israeli authorities, but also publish it widely on facebook etc. Please join us at noon, for this original, effective and quick action. For details about the market stall, please look in our diary dates here.

The Amnesty Cambridge City group has an active subgroup which campaigns, often virtually, for human rights in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories. To join, please e-mail Sheila Hakin on smh1003@cam.ac.uk. You will receive news as well as letter writing details. 

We are also in the process of organising a film festival at the Arts Picturehouse, most likely to take place on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd June. We've just had confirmation that the director Jezza Neumann will be with us for a Q&A for the showing of "Warchild", a shocking portrait of Palestinian children living in the aftermath of war. Click here for a film trailer. Further information to follow.

A little while ago you got an invite to the first Cambridge Amnesty Social/Fundraising meal out - 21 May, 7.30pm, Tulip Restaurant, Mill Road, Cambridge. Further specifics here.. It costs £15 of which around £2.50 is a donation to the local group funds - anyone who is feeling skint can opt out, no questions asked :) This covers a three course meal, but not drinks. 

It's a nice way to get to know others in Amnesty locally, whether or not you're an active member of the group or an occassional attender, and if you're new to town or new to Amnesty you're especially welcome. Please book by Monday 12 May to secure a place for yourself (and any one else you'd like to bring along) by emailing Lissy (elisabethklaar@yahoo.co.uk). 

All event dates for May are here, including some new dates for June which include a Global Day of Action in Support of Victims of Torture and Ronnie Scott's Jazz comes to Ely.

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