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Thursday 11th July, 7.45pm: Campaigning for the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó

Jesus Lane Friend's Meeting House, Cambridge

Ian McGarr, Amnesty International UK country co-ordinator for Colombia, will give a presentation on human rights in the country and in specific about the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó. 

The Amnesty International Cambridge City Group has decided upon long term support for this community which was set up on 23rd March 1997. It  includes people living in a number of hamlets and villages in north western Colombia in the municipality of Apartadó

There has been continuing armed conflict in Colombia for the last 40 years between the security forces and paramilitary groups and guerrilla groups. The Peace Community has pledged not to participate in this conflict and refuses to bear arms or give information or support to either side. This stance has been met with suspicion and hostility from all parties to the conflict. Since it was set up 170 members have been killed or disappeared and others threatened or sexually assaulted. The limited number of successful prosecutions that have (slowly) taken place to date have involved only low level paramilitaries and soldiers although there is clear evidence of collusion at higher levels. The aim of Amnesty's campaign is that civilians living in the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó will be able to enjoy their lives there in safety.

Part of this meeting will be used to plan the group's campaign of support. Please join us to discuss, or if you cannot make the meeting but would be interested to become a part of this campaign, please e-mail Angie McKerral.

Contact: Angie McKerral,

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