Join us this Tuesday 4th February to write letters on behalf of Yevgeniy Vitishko, Russian environmental activist and prisoner of conscience

Yevgeniy Vitishko will be the focus of the Amnesty International Cambridge City group letter writing meeting on Tuesday 4th February. On Monday 3rd February he was arrested and charged with “petty hooliganism” for “swearing at a bus stop”, instead of later this month facing an appeal hearing after an unfair trial and possibly spending three years in prison for his environmental activism. This was initially the reason why Amnesty had reported on his case, but now the information about his appeal case have conspicuously been removed from the court’s website. Today he was not only arrested, but also sentenced without his lawyer present to 15 days in detention. During this period Amnesty International regards him as a prisoner of conscience.

Other activists have also been harassed as part of the Russian authorities’ efforts to stifle civil society and silence activists who have been raising the alarm about the environmental damage in Krasnodar Region in connection with preparations for Sochi Olympics which will open in a few days. New laws brought in by Putin's government in 2013 have targeted basic human rights. Here you will find an overview of the ways that Russians have been repressed in the last year.  Further information about Yevgenjiy Vitishko can be found here.

Therefore, join us this Tuesday 4th February, in CB2 (Norfolk Street) to write letters on behalf of Yevgeniy Vitishko to the authorities in Russia as well as to the Russian ambassador. We'll be upstairs from from 7.30pm until 9.30pm with case information, pens, paper and everything else you need, including support and advice. 

Further details of the Amnesty International Cambridge City Group meetings can be found in our latest newsletter. Our next meetings are a talk on the 13th February by Dr. Manali Desai on violence against women in India and on the 13th March a talk by acclaimed author Ethan Gutmann on human rights in China, in particular the persecution of the Falun Gong. There will also be further letter writing meetings and market stalls. 

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