Join the panel discussion on human trafficking and modern-day slavery organised by Cambridge University Amnesty International (and other diary dates)

This Monday 28th April Cambridge University Amnesty International are hosting a panel discussion on human trafficking and modern-day slavery by six high-profile academic experts and campaigners. This is certainly worth attending (more information here), and thus the reason why we have moved our letter writing meeting from this Monday to the next, Monday 5th May. 

The letter writing meeting on 5th May will focus on urgent actions for individuals at risk. A few days afterwards we will hold our local group AGM on Thursday 8th May which also includes a report on the AIUK AGM held earlier this month in Edinburgh. Standing up for human rights can only be done with the support of ordinary people like you. Please join us at this meeting to shape our campaigning in the coming year and do consider becoming active and/or joining the committee.

Other events this month are a market stall on 10th May and another letter writing meeting on 13th May with a focus on anti-death penalty campaign actions.  

Information on all the above events can be found in our latest newsletter.

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