Cambridge events this week for Syria, China and Western Sahara

Letterwriting on Western Sahara this Tuesday 11th March and on Thursday 13th March vigil for Syria from 6-7pm and talk by award winning human rights writer and China analyst Ethan Gutmann at 7.45pm

This week will see four meetings and events organised by the Amnesty International Cambridge City group focussing on grave human rights abuses in today's world. Please join us to campaign for justice and to end suffering. 

Western Sahara - on Tuesday 11th March the letter writing meeting will call onto the UN to include human rights monitoring in the MINURSO's mission. More details

Syria - on Thursday 13th March there will be a silent vigil from  6-7pm  on King's Parade near St Mary's Church to mark the 3rd anniversary of the uprising in Syria, the greatest humanitarian crisis of our time. With over a million refugee children and many thousands trapped in the conflict zone with little food, water or medicine, please join the vigil as a symbol of hope and solidarity with those affected by the crisis. More details. The market stall on Saturday will also have letters for signing with regards to the conflict. More details

China - on Thursday 13th March, at 7.45pm, Ethan Gutmann,  an award-winning China analyst and human rights investigator, will give a talk about human rights in China especially with regards to China’s transplant organ business and its macabre connection with internment camps and killing fields for arrested dissidents, especially the Falun Gong Buddhists. More details  

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