Cambridge City Group Monthly meeting

Thursday January 10 - Cambridge City Group Monthly Meeting

The first meeting in the new year will be on Thursday 10th January, 7pm (tbc) at the Jesus Lane Friends' Meeting House. If you are member of Amnesty International you will by now have received the notice for the extra ordinary general meeting. You'll find the resolutions, background notes as well as proxy voting forms here. The Cambridge City Group will be discussing the resolutions at this meeting.  If you would like a variety or further (background) information on the issues you may wish to visit and subscribe to the mailing list.

The EGM discussion will be followed (~8.30pm) by a talk by Naomi Sklar from Jews for Justice for Palestinians. More information is provided below.

Thursday Jan 10 - 7.30pm - Jesus Lane Friends' Meeting House



8.30pm Naomi Sklar will be speaking on behalf of Jews for Justice for Palestinians, an energetic British organization with over 1600 signatories, including a number of prominent public figures. We aim to bolster and broadcast the alternative voice of British Jewry, secular and religious, who refuse to give unconditional support to Israel and determinedly proclaim the message: ‘Not in Our Name’.  The organisation vociferously opposes Israeli policies that undermine the livelihoods and human, civil, and political rights of the Palestinian people.
Naomi will talk about the work of the organisation and that of the Israeli Peace and Human Rights organisations that it supports, as well as touching on her personal experience of being a Jewish activist working for Palestinian human rights and volunteering on the West Bank.
Many people will know Jews who are liberal and humanitarian and yet go silent where the actions of Israel are concerned and hold seemingly inconsistent beliefs. Indeed, you may have talked to some while campaigning for Amnesty.  While being careful not to suggest a homogeneous ‘Jewish experience’, Naomi aims to shed light on some of the identity issues and psychological conflicts involved, with regards to community norms, security concerns, Zionism, the idea of the homeland and aliyah, the Right of Return.

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