Become a member of the Cambridge City Group

Amnesty can only work through its members and supporters. By becoming a member you support the group and its activities. Every month the members and supporters of the Cambridge City group write letters, organise talks, stalls and other events to raise awareness of human rights issues around the globe and campaign for justice for victims of human rights abuse. 

Members can join the committee or become an officer. Being a member also allows you to take part in Amnesty International UK consultations and general meetings. 

The minimum fee is £3 and the suggested membership fee is £10 per calendar year. We use the membership fees to pay for hire of our meeting rooms, the Amnesty International UK affiliation fee as well as postage and other campaigning costs. We also make regular donations to Amnesty International UK to further their work for human rights. 

The Cambridge City Group is fully run by volunteers. 

How to become a member

  • Download the membership form and bring it to a meeting along with your (cash or cheque) membership fee
  • Fill in this form online and pay via bank transfer, standing order or send a cheque
  • Fill in this form online and pay via Paypal. We have to pay fees for this service, so we suggest you increase your membership fee with £1 to cover these



PDF membership form to bring along with your membership fee
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