Oct 28 2017 7:45AM
Film, talk and meeting: Truth for Giulio Regeni and human rights in Egypt

This November sees three events in Cambridge with a particular focus on the continuing campaign for Truth for Giulio Regeni and human rights in Egypt.

Apr 10 2017 8:31PM
Join a subgroup and campaign together for humanity and human rights

Are you passionate about a particular issue, or would like to learn more about an area of our work? Come along to one of our subgroup meetings which focus on key Amnesty

Apr 10 2017 7:50PM
Join our group AGM and help make plans to make a difference together

Join the Amnesty Cambridge City Group AGM this Thursday 13th April, 7:30pm at the Jesus Lane Friend's Meeting House. The AGM will consist of a report from the group's del...

Apr 5 2017 10:06AM
Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories: House demolitions

Palestinian houses in the West Bank are being destroyed. Inhabitants are being evicted and often forced to pay a fine for the demolition of their own house. They have ver...

Mar 2 2017 1:47AM
Blog: Home is a Human Right

At the end of the Spring half term we came back from a holiday on the continent. As I was driving my family home from the airport there was a discussion on the radio abou...

Nov 30 2016 10:01PM
The refugee’s gift - online exhibition

The refugee’s gift is an exhibition of images by Bill Knight, commissioned by the Refugee Council.

Sep 26 2016 10:57AM
Truth for Giulio Regeni campaign

To mark the anniversary of Giulio Regeni's murder and disappearance, to express solidarity with his family and friends and to continue to call for Truth for Giulio Regeni,&nbs

Aug 29 2016 10:33AM
Amnesty International East Anglia Regional Conference: Refugees

This conference took place on the 8th October 2016 in Cambridge and was attended by around 200 people