Jan 19 2020 8:54PM
Vigil for Giulio Regeni at 6pm on 25th January at Great St Mary's Church
Join us at the Vigil to mark the fourth anniversary of the death of Cambridge student Giulio Regeni who was murdered while doing his PhD research in the streets of Cairo in 2016.
Jan 6 2020 6:15PM
Human Rights in Egypt 9 January 2020
Come to the Friends Meeting House Jesus Lane CB5 8BA at 7.30pm on Thursday 9th January to hear Debora Singer, Amnesty's Country Co-ordinator for Egypt, tell us the latest news of human rights in Egypt.
Nov 6 2019 4:18PM
FILM and DISCUSSION Escape and return to NORTH KOREA
Park Ji-hyun suffered near-starvation in North Korea but bravely managed to escape to China, only to be torn away from her son and sent back again to North Korea. She tells us her story on 12 September.
Apr 6 2019 10:31PM
"Our Rights in Today's Climate" key note speech links and further information
Dr Damien Short, who gave a very interesting and compelling key note speech at the "Our Rights in Today's Climate" conference on the 23rd March, has kindly provided some of the links that people asked for. http://www.talkfracking.org/w...
Mar 22 2019 10:44PM
Regional Amnesty Conference: Our Rights in Today's Climate
Saturday 23rd March, Jesus Lane Friends' Meeting House, Cambridge TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE ON THE DOOR This conference will explore the threats to and the connection between environmental and human rights and will focus on how activ...
Sep 13 2018 1:13PM
Brave: Whisper Her a Poem. Poetry-fest for Azza Soliman
Azza Soliman is a strong woman who, at great personal cost, is making a difference for many women in Egypt and beyond. Her strong passion and her powerful belief in justice and women’s rights means that she is an inspiration to many, a...
Jun 14 2018 11:32PM
Join a subgroup and campaign together for humanity and human rights
Are you passionate about a particular issue, or would like to learn more about an area of our work? Come along to one of our subgroup meetings which focus on key Amnesty International campaigns. Many of the Cambridge CIty Groups campai...
Oct 28 2017 7:49AM
Film, talk and meeting: Truth for Giulio Regeni and human rights in Egypt
This November sees three events in Cambridge with a particular focus on the continuing campaign for Truth for Giulio Regeni and human rights in Egypt.
Apr 10 2017 8:21PM
Join our group AGM and help make plans to make a difference together
Join the Amnesty Cambridge City Group AGM this Thursday 13th April, 7:30pm at the Jesus Lane Friend's Meeting House . The AGM will consist of a report from the group's delegates to AIUK's AGM and national conference as well as the elec...
Apr 10 2017 8:16PM
Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories: House demolitions
Palestinian houses in the West Bank are being destroyed. Inhabitants are being evicted and often forced to pay a fine for the demolition of their own house. They have very little time to gather their belongings, and often nowhere to go...