Write for Rights, 27th November 2014

This year we will be participating in the Write for Rights greetings card campaign  on Thursday 27th November, when we will be sending Christmas cards to victims of human rights abuses and their families, all around the world.

The aim of the campaign is to send messages of support to the individuals themselves, or their families/support groups, rather than the usual letters that we send to heads of state or ambassadors.  We know that the prisoners or those suffering persecution really appreciate these messages of support and that they often feel real hope, as well as the comfort of knowing that people worldwide are aware of their situation and are thinking of them.
As usual, mince pies and mulled wine will be served, so please do come along, even for half an hour or so, and feel free to bring a friend.

When:  Thursday 27th November
Where: Ormiston Room (ground floor), Melrose Corn Exchange
When: 7-9pm

Practicalities: please bring something to write with, and if you are able to bring small greetings cards ( Christian and/or non-religious messages), it would be really helpful ... we can easily sign up to 100 cards on these occasions.

For more information on the Write for Rights campaign, follow this link to the Amnesty International website 



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