Newsletter for April 2015 / General Election actions

This month there is a bumper crop of actions for you: in fact, such a lot of possible actions that you might want to concentrate on the General Election ones first and then have a rest before looking at the remainder!  Your new Committee, which I have to say is looking very similar to the previous year's Committee following the group AGM, is starting to plan the events for the summer period, but I know that taking actions, both online and written, is what Amnesty is about, so here is a good start for you all.


You will find attached to this posting:

1. Your monthly newsletter for April 2015, with links to online actions on the General Election and to the Real Lives action cases.  

2. A copy of a letter that you may wish to send (or adapt and send) to your parliamentary candidates.  My thanks to Breege for drafting this letter.

3. A link below to the contact details of the parliamentary candidates in the three constituencies that comprise this Amnesty group: Arundel & South Downs; Bognor Regis & Littlehampton; Chichester.


What do I need to do?


  • If you have limited time, please do the online actions to show your support of the Human Rights Act. 
  • If you want to send out something more personalised on your support of the Human Rights Act, then please adapt/send the letter to your parliamentary candidates.  You will see from the contact details that some have supplied email addresses.
  • If you would then like to tackle the Real Lives leaflet, this can be done over the next couple of months: the actions are not currently time-limited (unlike the General Election!)
  • If you are able to ask a question in an election meeting or hustings, or of your candidate on the doorstep, please do so, and let Bob know what answer you get.  This is so that we can let Amnesty HQ know about any statements made in support of human rights by the candidates.


Human Rights Act letter to candidates 2015
Group Newsletter April 2015
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