• Jan 24 2015
  • 10:33pm
The Beeston and Nottingham Amnesty groups have merged!
The Beeston and Nottingham Amnesty groups have merged, so this web page is no longer active. The group is still active, and holds regular letter-writing meetings and other events i...
  • Feb 26 2014
  • 11:06pm
The future of the Beeston and Nottingham Amnesty groups
Amnesty International groups in and around Nottingham have had a cheq
  • Jan 5 2014
  • 7:01pm
Happy 2014!
In 2013 we sent more than 500 letters on behalf of human rights defenders and prisoners of conscience (beating our 2012 total of 398 letters). Let's see if we can do even bette...
  • Jul 9 2013
  • 6:06pm
Upcoming events
There are three upcoming events that we'd like to tell you about:
  • Jul 9 2013
  • 3:16pm
Lowdham Book Fair
On Saturday 29th June we held a stall at Lowdham Book Fair, selling books to raise funds for the Beeston and Nottingham local groups.
  • Mar 29 2013
  • 12:10pm
Beeston meeting: Afghan women
The next monthly meeting of the Beeston group is a special one,
  • Feb 10 2013
  • 7:57pm
Highlights of 2012
2012 has been a busy year for Beeston Amnesty.
  • Dec 26 2012
  • 7:15pm
December news
This is a brief summary of recent events and what we discussed at December's committee meeting.
  • Nov 7 2012
  • 11:31pm
We now have a Facebook group (as well as a page), and an account on a photo-sharing site. Check out the links under "Related" in the column on the right!
  • Jul 25 2012
  • 3:51pm
Nottingham Green Festival
On the 10th of June we took a stall to Nottingham Green Festival, along with the Nottingham group. The event was very successful, and we even had some nice weather!

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We are the Amnesty International local Group in Beeston, Nottingham, not any of the other towns called Beeston in the UK.

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