Amnesty International UK's AGM Resolutions

Carol and Bob attended the Amnesty International UK's AGM and National Conference over the weekend of 12th and 13th April 2014 in Edinburgh - as always a rewarding although challenging period of time, spent in the rich company of like-minded folk - ordinary people doing extraordinary things! There were a number of resolutions put before Conference, and after full debate most were approved, although interestingly two were approved which directly oppose each other - democracy at work! The AIUK Board will have some interesting debates in sorting this out, we think. The outcomes are recorded in the downloadable pdf files attached to this post - one document is a quick (unconfirmed) guide to the resolution outcomes, whilst the other is a rather more full report posted from the AIUK website.

Quick (unconfirmed) Guide to the resolution outcomes.
Amnesty International UK's report on the Decisions made at the AGM-National Conference
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