Oct 28 2019 11:39AM
October 2019 Meeting
All welcome at our October 2019 Meeting - to be held at 7.30pm, Friends Meeting House, 9 Rickfords Hill, Aylesbury HP20 2rt - we will be discussing our approach to current Amnesty Campaigns!
Oct 28 2019 11:37AM
Notes to our March 2019 Meeting
Notes to our March 2019 Group Meeting
Oct 28 2019 11:36AM
February 2019 Meeting
Welcome to our February 2019 Meeting!
Feb 26 2019 7:22PM
January 2019 Meeting
Notes to our January 2019 Meeting - the first of the new year!
Nov 27 2018 11:44AM
November 2018 Write for Rights Meeting
Write for Rights Meeting
Nov 27 2018 11:37AM
October Meeting
Our October meeting will be held at the Friends Meeting House, 9 Rickfords Hill, Aylesbury on 31st at 7.30pm - Fran has prepared an update on the Democratic Republic of the Congo to form the basis of the meeting.
Jun 25 2018 7:32PM
Meeting May 2018
Notes to our May 2018 Meeting
Jun 25 2018 7:31PM
June 2018 Meeting
Welcome to our June 2018 Monthly Meeting
Oct 23 2017 4:06PM
Welcome to our October Meeting
Our regular Monthly Meeting to be held on 25th October 2017 at 7.30pm
Oct 23 2017 4:03PM
Notes to our September 2017 Meeting
Our September Meeting - a discussion around the Amnesty International UK Refugee Campaign