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2012 (5)
Jun 16 2014 12:08AM
Control Arms Campaign - General Info

Control Arms Background * Every day, millions of men, women and children are living in fear. * Every minute, one person is killed by armed violence. * There are around 639 million small arms and light weapons in the world today. *...

May 9 2014 9:44PM
Central America Campaign - General Info

Central America Special Actions

Jan 30 2013 4:13PM
China Campaign - General Info

China China is one of many countries where human rights are constantly ignored. Those who lost friends and relatives at Tiananmen Square, those who want political freedom for their own homeland of Tibet, those who wish to practice...

Jan 2 2013 9:46PM
Russia and Former Soviet Union Campaign - General Info

The Former Soviet Union (FSU) consists of the following states (in alphabetical order): Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithu

Nov 9 2012 10:37PM
St Albans Group Minutes May-October 2012

The St Albans AI Group minutes between the Months of May and October inclusive can be found here.