2013 (7)
May 18 2020 5:09PM
January Meeting Notes

At our recent meeting we discussed the Regional Conference, which took place last Saturday, 26 January, in Aylesbury. Speakers include Kate Allen, the Director of Amnesty International UK, and human rights issues in North Africa, and...

May 18 2020 5:09PM
June Meeting Notes

At our meeting today we discussed the situation in West Papua and wrote in support of Filep Karma, long-time political prisoner, whose family also now appears to be the target of attacks. Please keep him in your thoughts.

May 18 2020 5:09PM
July Meeting Notes

At the Amnesty Group's meeting we took a look at a number of cases of people subject to the death penalty, writing letters in support of Thankgod Ebhos (Nigeria), 'F.A.' in Palestine, and the urgent case of Warren Hill in the US - do...

Dec 16 2013 11:13PM
South Midlands Regional Meeting

The South Midlands Regional Meeting will be held on 18th January at the West Oxford Community Centre.

Dec 8 2013 9:32PM
AmnesTEA 2013

Our AmnesTEA event was held at Wesley Methodist Church, Priory Road on Saturday 7 December, 10-12.

Feb 16 2013 2:50PM
Message from Saeed Amireh

Saeed Amireh, a young man and leader of non-violent resistance in his town of Ni'lin in the West Bank, was due to speak as part of our public conversation on Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, but his visa application was...

Feb 7 2013 10:19PM
A public conversation with Saeed Amireh and Colin South

A public conversation with Saeed Amireh, an important figure in the Palestinian non-violent action campaign, and Colin South a chairman of the Living Stones of the Holy Land Trust. The trust is a charity set up to encourge and support...