June 2014 (4)
Jun 24 2014 10:49PM
Please contact Francoise or Arlene if you can help at the EAST BARNET FEASTIVAL on July 6th. 1 Hour would be helpful, 2 hours would be lovely and 3 hours a huge help!!!
Jun 24 2014 10:43PM
Amnesty Stall 20th June 2014
The AMNESTY stall at the TRIANGLE PALMERS GREEN focused on violence against women. Each petition attracted more than 50 signatures each.
Jun 24 2014 10:32PM
Guantanamo Demo
Jun 24 2014 10:17PM
Sponsorship for AI Walk
THANK YOU FOR SPONSORING THE WALK IN APRIL. If you still have to pay your sponsorship please contact the stawlarts who completed the walk.