April 2012 (7)
May 18 2020 5:48PM
Brightening Britain

An event to celebrate Refugee Week on Monday 25th June.

May 18 2020 5:09PM
Meeting Dates

Please note that we have changed our regular group meeting from the third Monday of the month to the third Thursday of the month.

May 18 2020 4:58PM
Stop Forced Eviction of Roma in Baia Mare!

This is an Urgent Action campaign to stop the forced eviction of around 2,000 Roma in Baia Mare, north-western Romania.

Apr 30 2012 9:25PM
Urgent Action Works!

Students in Togo have been released and evicted families in Chad have been offered compensation. These two cases show that the hard work we put in writing letters does work!

Apr 25 2012 10:28PM
Choirs For Amnesty Concert

The London performance of the “A Candle: Songs of Freedom” is on Sunday 6th May at the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Apr 25 2012 10:02PM
They call it Myanmar!

See Aung San Suu Kyi in the epic Burmese documentary They Call It Myanmar.

Apr 25 2012 9:22PM
Make a bullet-proof vest for Amnesty!

This Saturday 28th April, 10.00-16.00, there will be a London-wide gathering of groups at the HRAC to prepare for our Spring Arms Trade Treaty campaigning.