2014 (21)
Nov 25 2014 7:13PM
Monthly Meeting 26th November 2014
All are welcome to the Write for Rights evening at the Friends Meeting House, 9 Rickfords Hill, Aylesbury HP20 2RT - 7.30pm 26th November 2014 - Annelies is leading the Campaign on the evening, and
Nov 2 2014 1:31PM
Notes to our October 2014 Meeting - with a reminder of our two concerts!
Notes to our October 2014 Monthly meeting which include a reference to our monthly action sheet from AIUK, to the Country Coordinators for the states which were previously part of the Soviet Union
Oct 27 2014 6:40PM
October Meeting and .... Things are happening!
Our October Monthly Meeting takes place on 29th October 2014 at 7.30pm at the Friends Meeting House, 9 Rickfords Hill, Aylesbury HP20 2RT - all welcome!
Oct 23 2014 12:18PM
Notes to September 2014 Monthly Meeting
Notes to our regular monthly meeting - this one held on 24th September 2014 - at which we were pleased to welcome Laura Trevelyan, Advocacy Coordinator for Amnesty International UK, and the Chair o
Oct 23 2014 12:12PM
Grand July Picnic
Lovely summer picnic - Kate Allen, Director of Amnesty
Jul 15 2014 5:41PM
Notes to June Monthly Meeting - and notice of July Picnic!
Notes to our rgeular monthly meeting - held on 25th June 2014 at the Friends' Meeting House in Aylesbury; notice that our July Summer Picnic will be held on 30th July!
May 21 2014 5:07PM
Notes to Group AGM held on 30th April 2014
Notes to our Group AGM held on 30th April 2014 - with Chair's and Treasurer's Report, and some planning for the coming year!
Apr 15 2014 3:27PM
Amnesty International UK's AGM Resolutions
Carol and Bob attended the Amnesty International UK's AGM and National Conference over the weekend of 12th and 13th April 2014 in Edinburgh - as always a rewarding although challenging period of ti
Apr 4 2014 7:01PM
Notes to March 2014 Regular Monthly Meeting - and AIUK AGM Voting Intentions
Notes to our March 2014 regular Monthly Meeting - which include our AIUK AGM Resolutions Voting Intentions.
Apr 4 2014 5:22PM
Indonesian Embassy Demonstration for Prisoners of Conscience
Jim, Carol and Bob join the Amnesty International - TAPOL - Survival International - Free West Papua demonstration in London on 2nd April 2014 arguing for the release of 17 Prisoners of Conscience and