2013 (15)
Nov 11 2013 6:51PM
Prisoner of Conscience Johan Teterissa
Aylesbury Amnesty Group have elected to support the Prisoner of Conscience Johan Teterissa - a school teacher form Maluku who, with a group of like minded individuals, protested against the colonisati
Nov 11 2013 6:05PM
Minutes to October 2013 Monthly Meeting
Our regular monthly meeting - a broadcast by Aljazeera referring to the recent general election in Zimbabwe was shown and discussed, and footage of West Papuan Leader Benny Wenda being interviewed in
Nov 11 2013 6:01PM
Minutes to September 2013 Meeting
Notes to September 2013 Monthly Meeting - a new member, and interesting contact with a German activist!
Oct 28 2013 5:35PM
October 2013 Meeting
Everyone welcome to this next meeting, to be held on 30th October 2013 at 7.30pm - at the Friends Meeting House, 9 Rickfords Hill, Aylesbury HP20 2RT.
Sep 18 2013 4:10PM
Minutes to June 2013 Meeting - with apology for delay!
Notes to the June 2013 Meeting - with apology for the delay in posting them up!
Jul 30 2013 10:26AM
31st July Meeting
Summer picnic! We are gathering at Jim Edwards' House at 7.30pm for our July Meeting - a Picnic in the Garden!
Jun 26 2013 6:32PM
Minutes to 29th May 2013 Meeting
Notes to our regular monthly meeting in May 2013 - a 'roll over' AGM since the intended AGM in April was too full of more urgent material!
May 10 2013 5:00PM
Minutes to 24th April 2013 Meeting
An interesting Meeting - video footage of the Amnesty International UK AGM and National Conference was shown - the Opening Ceremony, the Chairman's Address and the Director's Address.
Apr 19 2013 6:24PM
24th April Group Meeting and AGM
All welcome to our regular Monthly Meeting and AGM - also we report on the recent AIUK National Conference and AGM, which was held at Warwick University on 13th and 14th April 2013 weekend.
Apr 19 2013 6:19PM
Minutes to March 2013 Meeting
Minutes to our regular Monthly Meeting - enjoy!